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I am currently working for Fairfax as a SEO & Social Media Manager and I have also got my hands busy with a few of my personal projects.

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Content Marketing For Startups

Its Monday morning 6:00 a.m. and you get out of bed and start getting ready to go to work at your startup. You have so much on your mind including working on refining your product, looking at resources or customer feedback, looking at different revenue streams or costs structures, and looking at how you can better work with your partners. Every day is a grind until you are in a position of positive cash flow that is generated from paying customers, who are the lifeblood of your business. It’s just as much hard work to maintain your startup but once you are in a position of positive cash flow, at least you can sleep a little better at night. So how do you get customers with your limited budget? Do you spend money on TV advertising or print or even cold calling? How about letter box drops or even sending emails to your subscribers with offers? Well this is 2013, we have TIVO which you can use to record TV, RSS readers to read content from websites, caller ids to block cold calling, recycling to throw away letter box drops and finally the delete key for emails. Well you see human behavior is changing. Depending on your market, your customers are either online on Google, Bing, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+. Your customers are using devices such as tablets and smart phones to read and share content and even making purchases. What I am trying to say is that customers are getting smarter with the way they make their purchasing decisions and you need to realize that there are... read more

How To Deal With Not Provided Keyword Data

FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedIn As you are aware that Google has made secure search default for everyone which means that unfortunately you will not be able to see brand or non-brand keyword data in Analytics. We have known about this since October 2011 when Google first introduced us to secured search and slowly we have seen a growth in Not Provided keyword data. I have been working on a few strategies to figure out what other data we can use to assist make better decisions when it comes to optimizing websites. I did a presentation to a SEO meetup and below is the presentation from it.   Goodbye Keyword Data, Say Hello To S**t Load Of Other Data – (Not Provided Solution) from Aman Talwar... read more

Google Panda Vs Google Penguin Updates

I got an opportunity to present to the work staff about the difference between Panda and Penguin Google updates. It went down well and I thought I share it with everyone below. If you have any specific questions, please ask me in the comments section.   Panda vs Penguin Presentation from Aman... read more